Scottish Scientist Reviews Welsh Apologist's Book

Scottish Scientist Reviews Welsh Apologist's Book

BUC Communication Department

Duncan Bayliss, a long-standing member of the Shrewsbury church in the Welsh Mission published his book, The Possibility of Belief: The Way Back to Hope, earlier this year.  Renowned scientist, Dr John Walton of the Dundee church in the Scottish Mission offers the following review:

"An absorbing and original pathway from secularism to Christian belief is presented in this book. The author uses intriguing stories and metaphors that grip the reader's imagination, piloting them into thinking deeply about long-held beliefs. The colloquial style helps to make difficult topics like the origin of morality, the shortcomings of molecules to man evolution, the reality of consciousness and the significance of human self-awareness accessible to all. The terribly shaky basis of presuppositions and unsupported assertions on which secularism rests is exposed.

"The narrative moves on to a re-examination of the roots of Christianity. The sheer wealth of reliable, eye-witness accounts of the life of Christ that have survived contrasts with any other history from the era. The book expounds remarkable evidence from the scriptural books of Daniel and Isaiah that compel belief in the mission of Jesus of Nazareth. Readers are urged to test and examine for themselves; a splendid bibliography of resources is included to help them. The author acknowledges, however, that although Christianity is backed by reason and evidence, it must be experienced as an individual and ongoing relationship with God. The objective of the book is to encourage people to look beyond existing secular presuppositions and consider that there is more to reality than they were previously aware of. This fine book deserves to reach and influence a huge audience."

The book is: The Possibility of Belief: The Way Back to Hope, published on Amazon.