Luton Friendship Homecarers AGM

Luton Friendship Homecarers AGM

By Seimone Gunter, Luton Central Communication Leader

On Thursday 14 July, Luton Friendship Homecarers held their hybrid AGM.  The meeting commenced with the chair, Pastor Bernie Holford, welcoming trustees, staff, clients, members of Luton Friendship Homecarers, BUC President Pastor Eglan Brooks, BUC Communication Director Pastor Sam Davies, SEC Community Services Director, Pastor Max McKenzie-Cook, as well as members from Luton Central Adventist church.

At the meeting, the attendees reviewed the history of Luton Friendship Homecarers.  Back in the early 90s, the Luton Central Community Services leader, Sis Mitchell, recognised the need to support the elderly members and gathered a team together to start this ministry. In 1994, they created a business called Luton Seventh-day Adventist Friendship Homecarers, which quickly gained recognition from the local authority. As the volume of work grew, it was recognised that the business had outgrown the framework under which it was created.

In 2000, the company was re-branded Luton Friendship Homecarers and registered as a charity. Since then, their service provision has widened to include all elderly people within the community. The long-standing staff were recognised for their hard work, dedication and service over the years with some of the longest-serving staff members being with the company for 28 years. Tributes were paid to staff – current, retired and those who had passed away too.

The financial reports reflected profits despite the uncertainty of the pandemic and the challenges faced by the staff of Luton Friendship Homecarers. Nigel McNeil, Business Manager, detailed some of the plans for the company's future. By God's grace this charity will continue to be a ministry that is used as a witness and will remain with strong links to the Luton Adventist church.