Stanborough Secondary School Ends Term on a High

Stanborough Secondary School Ends Term on a High

Stanborough Secondary School PR Team

Stanborough Secondary School commemorated the end of the 2022 Summer term with the graduation of Year 11 students, the baptism of two students and saying 'farewell' to Kaz James, interim Headteacher. 

Speaking to the graduating class of 2022, Pastor Eglan Brooks, Chair of the Board of Governors and British Union Conference (BUC) President, his thesis, 'I Dare You to Dream', centred around three points, 1) Our world is shaped by our dreams, 2) Our dreams can be derailed but keep on dreaming, 3) God has a way of accomplishing His purpose through your dreams.  Using the illustration of Sir Mo Farah, who recently revealed that he was trafficked as a child, he encouraged the students to "never be comfortable and live in a state of mediocrity." 

After spending 10 days overseas doing an outreach initiative, Ray Patrick, Evangelist and RE Teacher, baptised Zippo and Jenoah, two young students.  They were surrounded by fellow pupils, parents and teachers.  'Stay with God' – despite the challenges that they may face in years to come. The two young men were baptised to 'I have decided to follow Jesus', ably led by the Year 7 Praise team. 

After joining the school in 2019, Kaz James interim Headteacher, steered the operational aspects of the school throughout the pandemic.  In his closing speech, he stated that “this is the first group of students who have taken in person exams in the past three academic years" and he wished the Year 11 students "all the best in their future endeavours."  Lorraine McDonald, BUC Education Director, presented him with a gift of appreciation for all his hard work.

Reflecting on the past term, Pastor Eglan Brooks said, "The light still shines in Stanborough Secondary School that has attracted the attention of the community.  Our biggest challenge is to continue to add our voice and our efforts to help that light shine even brighter.  I'd like to thank Mr James, the staff and the board of governors for leading the school through the difficult times of the pandemic and placing us on the verge of new terrain.  I would encourage our members to support the school and help this light shine even brighter."