ADRA-UK Commemorates World Refugee Day

ADRA-UK Commemorates World Refugee Day

By Catherine Anthony Boldeau

ADRA-UK commemorated World Refugee Day on June 20 with a special video, 'Those People'* created for the occasion. Reflecting on ADRA's work worldwide with refugees, the video seeks to provide insight into the challenges faced by nearly 100 million around the world. 

The video features ADRA-UK and Adventist Community Services staff and a special interview with Dr Herma Percy, Head of Advocacy, ADRA International, who provides an overview of ADRA's work with refugees and internally displaced people. Vili Costescu, the pastor of the Wimbledon International church, speaks of his recent experience finding housing in the UK for refugees from Ukraine. Eglan Brooks, BUC President and Chair of the Board of Trustees of ADRA-UK, explains the complementary roles of ACS and ADRA-UK in emergencies and humanitarian crises. 

Bert Smit, CEO of ADRA-UK, who delivered the call to action to care for the world's most vulnerable people, states, "We are all a part of God's creation. We need to care for those who, through no fault of their own, have found themselves having to flee from their homes, leave their jobs, and travel, mainly on foot, to places which reject them and view them with suspicion."

Mozambique, Afghanistan, Syria, Burkina Faso, and Ukraine – are just a few countries where conflict has created millions of refugees and internally displaced people. ADRA works worldwide to support people in emergencies and through sustained partnership projects. 

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Thanks to ADRA International and ADRA Canada for the use of their footage.