SEC Women's Emphasis Day - "Heroines of Faithfulness"

SEC Women's Emphasis Day - "Heroines of Faithfulness"

Mainini Berita Muruza

The South England Conference Women's Emphasis Day was a Spirit-filled and inspiring event, hosted by Holloway Seventh-day Adventist church on 12 June. From the Sabbath School and the prayers which were offered, the singing – all were very encouraging and uplifting. The congregation then listened to eloquent reflections on "Heroines of Faithfulness" in the Bible. The theme was carried into the main sermon by guest speaker, Dr Nadine Collins. She spoke on three Bible heroines: Rahab, the Samaritan woman at the well, and Mary of Magdala. Collins catalogued the struggles they encountered; how some were orchestrated by their community, and how ultimately they triumphed through faith and encounters with God. From the presentation I learnt that we too – women of today – through faith in God and trusting in His providence and intervention can celebrate victory as well, because "God is the same yesterday today and forever." If He could do it for the women of yesteryear, He is able to do it today as well for us!

Among the day's highlights was the afternoon evangelistic outreach programme. SEC Women's Ministries Director Jacqueline Otokpa and Sis Cresha took the message of God's love to the streets around the church. Sis Hyacinth Gayle and other members from Holloway Community Ministries also prayed with people in the community, invited them to church services, sang songs, and handed out food baskets and Bible literature. I was thrilled by the many souls that were touched and felt inspired by their smiles of gratitude.  I believe many of them will be candidates for the heavenly kingdom. My faith in God was also strengthened by the panel discussion that affirmed as a woman I am loved by God equally as everyone else. "My cry is heard and God wants us to work as one in his vineyard. I believe we can make a difference in our homes churches and communities as we continue to align ourselves in faith to God."

As much as it was a day for women, the men in the congregation were equally blessed. Elder John Locker commented that "it was a big day in Zion",  commending Women's Ministries Director Jacqueline Otokpa and her team for a hugely impressive and successful event.