SEC Health & Wellbeing Fest Extravaganza 2022 Diary

SEC Health & Wellbeing Fest Extravaganza 2022 Diary

WatfordJayden Melius (Aged 6)

I arrived at the Health & Wellbeing Extravaganza at 12:30pm. I went around visiting several stalls. I spoke to the different vendors and staff. I was very courageous and I told them about my role as a health correspondent and share my faith about what I do on a weekly basis for the Lord.

Throughout the day there were several shows on the main stage. There were different gospel artists praising God’s Holy name. This created a wonderful atmosphere. There were different fitness instructors encouraging the public to participate in the exercise programme. I joined in and had fun. There were also important people from the community talking about how they cater for the local people.

Alberto (a counsellor) led the other pathfinders and counsellors through the drilling. I thoroughly enjoyed it and joined in. They were drilling all around the front of the stage. They turned it into a game and one of the pathfinders won. I participated from a distance. I remembered the drilling practice I had recently practised at camp. I was very proud of myself. After that, they had a session just for the master guides.

Later on, I went on the bicycle and pedalled to make a smoothie.  I made a strawberry and berries smoothie. What I liked about it was that you earned your own smoothie, by doing exercise. This reminded me of how God made fruits for us to enjoy, and that we should get all the vitamins and nutrients we need. I enjoyed this activity so much that I did it twice. It was my first favourite moment.

I was brave and I asked to hold the second biggest hawk at the birds of prey display. It was a bit heavy but that was one of my favourite moments of the Health Expo. This reminded me of the creation story in the Bible. Genesis 1:20 talks about how God created all of the birds that fly in the air. He told Adam to name his creation and to take care of the animals, and this reminds me of how God told us to take care of nature and others and I think we should respect that.

I had an opportunity of a lifetime to sit in a real police car. I felt like I was a real police officer and I felt great. I spent a few moments imagining a day in a life of a police officer. I will always cherish this experience. This was my third favourite moment.

The best part was the food. I visited a natural food store that was giving out free samples of pizza, dessert, salad and mushrooms. It was divine! She had on display the natural products she used in her cooking.

As I walked around I saw some people praying for the needs of others at the prayer booth. I also saw some other vendors selling food, candles, picture frames, body products and Christian books for children.

Next, I went to the health-promoting stand. Sister Sharon was very friendly. She took the time to speak to me about the nutritious value of eating the right fruits and vegetables. She showed me all the different leaflets on health and other resources relating to health. She wore a plastic educational interactive apron which had different body parts; that could be removed and reattached. She spoke about the different organs and how they function. She was very impressed with my knowledge of the human body. I also got to learn that you digest your food and it goes to the large intestine and the water goes to the small intestine.

After a while, I told her about my role as one of the health correspondent presenters of Brixkidz. I spoke about how Uncle Craige Young's Christian ministry encourages children to share their faith. Sis Sharon wanted to give me a full set of leaflets but she could not because her resources had run out. She kindly asked one of her assistants to go to the office and get some extra resources for myself and the public. This simple act of kindness reminded me of the parable of the Good Samaritan. The resources she gave me will help me with my personal and church ministry. What I admired about the health cards was that they were colourful, full of interesting facts and they had the right amount of text to keep a young child like me and others interested. She encouraged me to use the resources in a fun way and I can’t wait to share them with my local church Ilford Lane, and other platforms.

Later, I visited the photo booth.  I chose some picture props and pose for my photos. Afterwards, I visited the pathfinder stall. There I completed the Adventurer Health Special Award. I was given a badge for completing the task.

I visited all of the stalls at Stanborough Park. At the health check booth, I had my weight measured and I found out how tall I was. Sometime later, I visited the health and temperance stand. There were several posters displayed on the table. I was given a chart and I was encouraged to take part. 

As I visited the different stands, I had a discussion with one of the staff about keeping healthy. I participated in an activity in which at the centre of the table there was a box with some objects. I had to close my eyes and dip my hands into the box and guess what the item was. I managed to identify the objects correctly. I used some of the sporting equipment that was provided to do some exercise. At the end of that session, I was given stickers, a bottle of water and an apple for taking part.  I liked this activity because it was educational and enjoyable.

Although I had many turns on the inflatable slides and bouncy castle earlier,  I went back until it was time to leave. I jumped as high as I could. I enjoyed myself thoroughly, what a phenomenal day! By the end, I had collected lots of health leaflets to read. When it was time to leave, I wished the day was longer even though I was tired.

Throughout the day I met several kind-hearted people such as SEC Children Ministry leader, Judy Clements; SEC President, Dr Emmanuel Osei; BUC Health and woman Ministry leader Sis Sharon; SEC Youth Director; Anthony Fuller and his family; SEC Pathfinder leader, Pastor Clifford; different members of the public and some of my church members. All of the above demonstrated the love of Jesus by speaking to me, taking out pictures for me, and one of my church family members ended up driving me home. What a blessing. I was truly gratefully because I did not have to make that long journey home by public transport, which on my way to the venue took me 2 hours.

I would like to say a big thank you to all the organisers, sponsors and everyone else who showed me kindness. I would also like to thank God for making the people in the community support this event with their presence, and for stopping the rain to make the outreach programme a success. I had a fabulous time at the Health Expo.