Newbold College Ministerial Interviews

Newbold College Ministerial Interviews

John Surridge, BUC Executive Secretary

There has always been a close relationship between Newbold College and the British Union Conference (BUC). For many generations now Newbold has been training ministers and leaders, bringing out their best qualities, and developing talents and skills to equip them for exceptional service. Every year Church leaders from the BUC, the Conferences, and the Missions, take two days out of their busy schedules to spend quality time with the students. Both formally and informally they evaluate their potential for employment within the United Kingdom and Ireland, with the very best of them attracting a sponsorship grant to help them through their Master's degree studies.


"Once again this year we were moved and humbled by the sacrifices these students are making in order to pursue their ministerial studies," said BUC Executive Secretary John Surridge, shortly after this week's meetings. "Some of them have full-time jobs on top of their studies, as well as trying to support their families. As usual the Centre for Ministry and Mission (CMM) lecturers have done a fantastic job of challenging and shaping the thinking of these extremely bright students, and I have no doubt that many of them will make excellent ministers."

Employment is always a challenge for ministerial graduates when they leave Newbold. There are not that many vacancies, but the graduates are encouraged to engage in voluntary work where possible and to keep active in their local churches until a position can be found for them.

"One thing that is not widely known," continues Pastor Surridge, "is that any church member can obtain a 25% grant towards their studies at Newbold. Even for those who may not end up in full-time ministerial employment, Newbold offers great opportunities for self-development and strengthening of biblical and theological understanding. I would encourage any of our young people to at least consider spending some time there."