ABE and PBE Season is here again

ABE and PBE Season is here again

Adventurer and Pathfinder Bible Experience 2022 at Newbold College, 29th January.

Last Sabbath, on 29 January 2022, 15 Adventurer and 42 Pathfinder groups gathered all over the Conference for Adventurer and Pathfinder Bible Experience 2022. Last year SEC Pathfinders and Adventurers made history by hosting the event the ABE and PBE completely in virtual mode. The mammoth task saw many exhausted after four months, though happy and elated that we did it.

This year, with Covid still looming, we thought Pathfinders and Adventures would have been discouraged, but the Area Level of the program kicked off with very excited and enthusiastic children. Various Areas opted for models that worked for them. Some went with a hybrid model where the teams met online, with 6-person huddling together in their local church, in front of a computer or projector screen, while answering the bible questions from Ruth and 1 Kings. Other teams braved the virus, put in place Covid-safety measures and grouped all the teams into a suitable venue across the Conference.

By God’s grace everyone stayed safe, with no outbreaks, but the first hurdle was breached.

Most of the teams successfully progressed to the Conference Level, when Adventurers and Pathfinders will  gather in Newbold Sports Hall to challenge the next set of Bible questions.