Family wins Award for Community Service

Family wins Award for Community Service

Sam Davies

Mrs Janelle Victory and her two children, Annalise and Madiba, became recipients of the Triple AAA Foundation Awards in Leicester for their dedication to community service.

Janelle Victory devotes her time and energy to supporting local people, including women and vulnerable families. She helps people who are affected by drug addictions and domestic violence. She says her motto in life has been, "When life throws you lemon make the sweetest lemonade."

Annalise and Madiba, the authors

Janelle's two children have followed in her footsteps by supporting local community work and feeding the homeless. Her son, Madiba, is autistic but a champion in Brent Council. He is the youngest author and Amazon award-winning author. Madiba is four years old and attends the Stonebridge Primary School in Harlesden. Even though he is autistic, he writes about how parents can help their children with speech disorders and what methods can help them overcome them. The book is entitled, Madiba Inspires Black Boys with Speech Disorder to Think Big. 

Janelle's daughter Annalise is a very diligent and determined eight-year-old. Her passion for kindness started at a very young age of three when her mother realised that she had a gifted child who likes reaching out to people and showing love and compassion. Her book is entitled, Annalise Inspires Children to Be Kind: Allowing Kids to Express Their Feelings! And she inspires children to be kind.

Annalise and Madiba, the authors

Of her daughter's and son's success, Janelle says, "As a mum to these delightful kids, I am indeed very honoured and proud. It is such a big achievement for such little children." 

After losing her son to knife crime, Cheryl Armstrading established the Triple AAA Foundation and has devoted her time and energy to serving her community and young people. The Mayor of Leicester Cllr Peter Soulsby was present at the awards event.

Her project Hope with a Smile helps to train women in Harlesden about health, building self-esteem, confidence, self-respect.  Along with her training partner, she has provided customised training, advice, and support, empowering over 60 women to achieve their goals by learning new floral arrangement classes and mentorship. These women are now better equipped to handle situations in their families and can take back their power.