Baptism at Wednesbury Church

Baptism at Wednesbury Church

Micah Campbell

Wednesbury church congregation experienced a high day on Sabbath 20 November 2021, as nine young people committed their lives to the Lord through baptism.

The public declaration of their commitment came after a difficult 18 months of restricted face to face worship services and prolonged Zoom programmes.

During the lockdown, many sadly lost their faith amidst the struggles and pressures caused by the pandemic. The church felt encouraged seeing many of their young people becoming enthused at the opportunity for baptism. The Wednesbury church feels blessed beyond measure to witness that eight of its young people went against the grain and pressures of society and chose baptism.  The eight are: Gelander Lee (Borj) Estoya, Gelander Lexie Estoya, Isabelle Megan Melo, Jericho Melo, Breendyl Camanzo, Jaeshtyn Camanzo, Adrienne Jan (AJ) Plokhotnikov and Keane Zhyre Pagunsan.

Young people getting ready for baptism

The ninth candidate, Assente Johnson, also became a member of the Seventh-day Adventist church through profession of faith and received the right hand of fellowship alongside the newly baptised.

During the celebratory service, local church minister, Pastor Micah Campbell, charged the young people in his sermon to "Mirror, signal, manoeuvre," to make their choice for Jesus. In his appeal, four more young people responded by standing to show their desire to further Bible studies and be baptised in the future.

Young people after being baptised

Campbell counts it a blessing to know that the Spirit of the Lord still convicts and converts, despite the pressures the world throws at them to distract from the truth. May the Lord bless these new members as they begin their walk with the Lord and join the church in preparing and ministering for His return and the intention of all to say where the Lord leads "I will go!"