A change of leadership in the Scottish Mission

A change of leadership in the Scottish Mission

HinkleyPaul Tompkins

Every five years at the British Union Session, new Officers and leaders are chosen for the forthcoming quinquennium.
The BUC Session has now concluded and we can announce that Pastor Jimmy Botha has been elected as the incoming Scottish Mission President. On behalf of the Scottish Mission delegates and membership we welcome Pastor Jimmy to this new area of service and uphold him and his wife Cedrene, as he takes on the mantle commencing from the conclusion of the BUC Session.

Two weeks earlier, at the Scottish Mission Session, the delegates said a warm goodbye to myself and Dawn as I had earlier indicated that I would be retiring this year. Effectively I will help with a smooth transition in pastor Jimmy’s local church district of Crieff and Dundee until the end of the year.

Personally after 40 years of ministerial service I can look back on so many highlights, and this very much includes being part of the ministry and membership here in Scotland for the last five years. In addition to the many administrative responsibilities, I have tried to maintain and model a ministry of presence, supporting our pastors, sponsors and churches both physically and online, and it has been a pleasure and privilege to be able to do so.

Dawn and I will remain in Scotland and we look forward to playing an active part in our local church.
God bless all the growing membership of the Scottish Mission.