The Pandemic Won’t Stop Us

The Pandemic Won’t Stop Us

Balham Church holds baptism following campaign by Evangelist Claude Edwards

LondonErrol Anderson

Like many other churches, we at Balham Church have been determined that the Pandemic won’t stop us from having church. With this in mind, we pursued our plan to hold an annual campaign (albeit with a little twist.).

The twist was that the evangelist from USA Claude Edwards wasn’t able to travel to the UK for the Campaign but by the use of technology joined us each day for two weeks as he presented the messages and sang each night online.  We watched the meetings on the screen at Church and others including a number of visitors watched it online in their homes.

The Campaign started with a concert with various artists from home and abroad. Once again we took advantage of technology as people presented their items live or pre-recorded. 

The evangelist for the programme was Claude Edwards, who resides in Florida but was born in Jamaica. He is well known as a singer, author and motivational speaker and he sang many times throughout the campaign.

He was supported by a singing evangelist from UK, Paulette Prendergast. Other artitsts also participated each night and we also viewed the Life Colours health videos by Dr Chidi Ngwaba.

The Campaign ended with a baptism of four persons. Some have been studying with others months and one of which was the son of the singing evangelist,

We celebrated with them both at Church and with those viewing online and we knew that God had done it again.