SOLOFEST 2021: Be Made Whole

S.N.A.G.D. SDA Singles Ministry

SOLOFEST 2021: Be Made Whole

LondonDarell J Philip

Single Adventists gathered together at the Central London Church at the Advent Centre for SOLOFEST 2021 – the 8th Annual Day of Fellowship for Single SDAs. The theme – Be MadeWhole – made the links to finding wholeness through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

An exciting Sabbath School panel discussion led by Ruth Pearson and Arnold Best considered the compassionate treatment and caring response God gave to the prophet Elijah during his spell of depression with the message that God can make us whole and we should also seek professional help (Cornerstone Counselling Services) when necessary during times of severe crisis.

Singing Evangelist Lois Moodie’s rendition of Great is Thy Faithfulness acted as a reminder of all the good God has done for His people as they begin to slowly emerge from the global Covid-19 pandemic.

Stepping in for Guest Speaker Nathaniel Peat (due to health reasons) Pastor Vili Costescu, who based his message on Matthew 1:18-21, encouraged single Adventists to adopt the characteristics of Joseph and Mary who were both willing to put their status and reputation on the line in order to follow the call on their lives which lead to the miraculous birth of the Messiah of humanity.

As those present were anointed by Pastors and Elders, this good news of salvation was then taken and spread out to those within Marble Arch (Central London) needing to know that Jesus is the answer for the world today.

The day then came to a fitting conclusion with The Vaccine – a play written and directed by S.N.A.G.D. SDA Singles Ministries Director – Annell Smith – which gave a modern interpretation on the themes explored within The Great Controversy. – The message was that love had falsely been dubbed a virus and was now being attacked by a sinful plot to stop love by administering the Freezer Vaccine, which aimed to wipe out love forever.  Receiving ‘The Love of God’ was heralded as the antidote to a loveless society, obtained through a committed relationship with Christ and which ultimately brings wholeness to sin sick souls.

With many also watching on from the YouTube and Zoom social network platforms throughout the day, SOLOFEST 2021 was a day which will remembered for many years to come and for some, with anticipation in what’s to come this time next year.