BUC Session Postponed

BUC Session Postponed

BUC Secretariat

On Thursday 10 June 2021 the British Union Conference (BUC) Executive Committee voted to postpone the BUC Session from its previously scheduled dates of Thursday 8 and Friday 9 July 2021. This is primarily because the hotel we had been planning to use was requisitioned for government use at the time we needed it. However there were also growing concerns about COVID and the health and safety of our delegates. As yet a new date has not been scheduled.

One of the main items of business that needs to be dealt with is the updating of the BUC Constitution. The current constitution was voted at the last BUC Session in 2016 but now needs to be updated to bring it in to line with UK charity law and the General Conference Model Union Constitution. Perhaps even more importantly, in the wake of COVID the proposed new constitution makes provision for attending future sessions by video conference. Unfortunately though, due to the restrictions of the current constitution we can only vote to approve the new constitution at a physical meeting.

A separate website to look at the constitution has been set up, so please check it out.