Grow Your Own Fruit and Veg

Grow Your Own Fruit and Veg

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Anmarie Anderson from Gloucester Seventh-day Adventist church has always loved gardening from a young age. Her father being a farmer enabled her to grow up around plants and fresh food and develop a deep insight into the fine art of horticulture.

Speaking of her passion for gardening Anmarie said, "for me gardening is very relaxing, I don't see it as work, I enjoy it and it keeps me busy and fit I love being in nature and gardening provides the best of both worlds. I am in nature, enjoying the fresh air and also enjoying the food of my labour."

Anmarie believes gardening is very essential, especially in these times where our fruits and vegetables are sprayed with various chemicals and preservatives and we have no idea what is in our food.

During lock down Anmarie started her own YouTube channel, called AA Home Gardening. where she uses her passion of gardening and knowledge of planting vegetables and herbs in guiding others to plant and grow successfully. She also uses this as an opportunity to teach her children on the benefits of growing your own fruit and veg. "Having young children, also pushed me to garden on a larger scale," she said, "especially fresh fruits and berries. It brings such delight, watching my little ones, waking up and rushing in the garden in summer to see what fresh produce they can munch on."

Anmarie has been a guest presenter on a number of programmes on Zoom sharing with enthusiasm the message to get more people to 'plant your own'.

Talking about the spiritual implications of gardening she said, "it [gardening] is a good way to teach about God, we plant the seeds and water it but God does the rest to make it grow and provide abundant food for us. We can all connect this to the goodness of God."

For more information about Anmarie and what she does go to her YouTube Channel here.

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