Is anything too hard for God?

Is anything too hard for God?

Global Youth Day Report from Grace Community Church

LondonLorraine Imbrah

In January 2021 Palmers Green SDA Church and Holcombe Road Sda Church merged to become Grace Community SDA Church.  Both churches previously used rented accommodation and at this present time have no building in which to worship.  However, the members have a plan ­– they are actively fund raising and are confident God will come through.

This still didn’t stop the youth at Grace Community wanting to reach out to the community.  In order for this to be done, 40 care packages for disadvantaged youth containing toiletries and Cornerstone Counselling service well-being leaflets were compiled.

There were 20 female and 20 male packs – distinguished only by socks and flavoured lip balm chosen by the youth.  Funding for these care packages were provided by the Trans European Division in February 2020 intended for the 2020 Global Youth Day outreach. One week before the care packages were due to be given out (March 21st 2020), the country went into a national lockdown due to the spread of covid-19; preventing them from being distributed.

Still one week to the Global Youth Day March 20th 2021, in another lockdown, the department did not have a contact, but the youth were told to pray.  Then the day after Sister Althea Moore was able to communicate with Sister Monique Westcarr (who works with disadvantaged youth), and she was able to secure the address for the delivery of the packages.  Other obstacles arose in terms of finding the time to make the delivery, but eventually Elder Andrew Imbrah was dispatched with the packages by his wife (Lorraine), and was able to make the delivery at the end of the week.

These care packages were delivered to Haringey Youth Space, Bruce Grove, Tottenham, London N17 to be distributed to disadvantaged families and youth in the Community. Sister Monique will feedback to the church this week, at the end of Youth Week of Prayer, on any progress made.

This is only the beginning of youth outreach at Grace Community Church.  Becoming merged has meant there is a larger body of youth who intend to do more outreach.  The theme was 'Reaching Out' and we did!


Report by Lorraine Imbrah (Joint Youth Leader/Mentor at Grace Community SDA Church)