Positive Trends in Tithes Across the BUC

Positive Trends in Tithes Across the BUC

Earl Ramharacksingh (BUC Treasurer)

Deep into this latest lockdown, the green shoots of a hopeful recovery of health abound. Continued extremely positive tithe and notes FYI below:

1.  BUC-wide tithe down on 2019 by £1,645,867 (6.8%).

2.  SEC & NEC tithe down by £1.09m (-7.0%) and £570k (-8.5%) on 2019.

3.  SM (+9.8%) & WM (+8.1%) & IM (-5.9%) continues to reflect positivity during Covid-19.

4.  BUC projected or budgeted tithe income is now down to £126k below expected.

5.  SEC & NEC are £1.28m and £637k below their original budgeted tithe income.

6.  BUC cashflows have now stabilised with falls not expected to continue.

Exceptional 2020 cash income: (1) Pension trustees injection £476,000; (2) TED (SSS) £200,000; (3) Legacy £100,000; (4) JRS £342,000 to date. But the reason for most optimism, as we move through 2021, is the recovery of our members' tithe returns to 93% of 2019 returns. We give God immense thanks as we recognise His love and support for His church.


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