Crieff Adventist Church Partners with Christians Against Poverty

Crieff Adventist church joins other local churches to become partners with Christians Against Poverty to release people from a life sentence of poverty caused by debt and its causes and share and demonstrate the love of Jesus.

Crieff Adventist Church Partners with Christians Against Poverty

Crieff, ScotlandEleri Dutton

Three years ago Crieff Adventist church joined with four other local churches to form a partnership with Christians Against poverty (CAP) with the view of establishing a CAP debt centre in Crieff. During this time we were supported and helped by CAP Highland Perthshire which is based in Aberfeldy. The Crieff Adventist church's own Crieff Aid Projects gave a donation to support their work at that time and since has been one of the churches making a monthly contribution to the functioning of the new CAP Strathearn, launched on 17th August 2020, a difficult year for everyone.

CAP's mission is to release families from grinding poverty through award winning debt counselling and community groups. By equipping and empowering local churches to reach out on their doorsteps and bring hope to tens of thousands of people every year. This service is entirely free to every client.

Over the last year and continuing in this, CAP appointments have been down by a third but we are anticipating an influx when the furlough schemes end and reality sinks in. So in the meantime we are seeking to raise awareness of this service to as many people as possible. Last week a leaflet drop advertising CAP Strathearn was made to every household in Crieff and surrounding villages. It often takes people in debt 3 years to call for help. We're hoping to reduce this delay bringing hope and help in much earlier.

One change in a person's circumstances, such as sickness, death, a break down in relationship or loss of work makes it a possibility for debt to become a reality.

To enable this service to be given at no cost to our clients, CAP centres are dependent on regular donations and fundraising efforts such as The Kiltwalk.

This is CAP Strathearn's journey thus far. We are hoping to make a real difference to many people living in Strathearn, yes by helping them deal with their debt and become debt free but also by having the privilege of introducing them to a God who loves them.

You can help and make a contribution by being in touch by asking Eleri your questions, and by visiting the CAP Strathearn Facebook Page.