Death of Pastor Michael Murtagh

Death of Pastor Michael Murtagh

Jacques Venter (BUC Associate Executive Secretary)

We were saddened to learn of the death of Pastor Desmond Murtagh on 25 January 2021. Pastor Murtagh was born on 14 July 1926 in Dublin, Ireland. He married Alice (Peggy) Hall on 31 May 1955 and their union brought about Jackie, Janet, Karen and Neil.

At age 15, Pastor Murtagh left Dublin for England and worked until he began his studies at Newbold 6 years later. His pastoral ministry began in 1956 after graduating from Newbold College when he joined the South England Conference (SEC) as an intern pastor. In 1960 he accepted a call to the Irish Mission where he served as a pastor until his return to the SEC in 1984. He ministered throughout the South of England until his retirement in 1991.

Sadly, Pastor Murtagh passed away peacefully with Covid-19 related complications. Our thoughts and prayers are with Peggy, Jackie, Janet, Karen, and the wider family.

We now look forward to Christ's soon return and that glorious resurrection day.