Area 6C 10 Days of Prayer ends

Area 6C 10 Days of Prayer ends

London's Area 6C 10 Days of Prayer 2021

LondonDarell J. Philip

SEC churches within Area 6C begun the New Year by joining together in 10 Days of Prayer from 6th-16th January 2021. Seeking Revival was the theme and an appropriate one it was in light of the current coronavirus pandemic which has, momentarily, brought the world to a standstill and moment of crisis. If ever a time was needed for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the church and the revival He brings to those seeking after it then certainly that time is now.

Hosted by London Ghana SDA Church under the leadership of Pastor Ebenezer Jones Lartey and Area 6C Coordinator Pastor Anthony Opoku-Mensah, each evening gave members an opportunity to bring their testimonies of thanksgiving to God as well as their personal prayer requests for themselves, family, friends and loved ones.

Among the speakers who shared words of admonition each day was our very own SEC President – Pastor Emmanuel Osei. In his address on Putting Revival into Practice (Sabbath 9th January 2021) the SEC President pointed out that the Bible describes three groups of people and their relationship to God – The natural or “worldly” man who has no relationship with God; The spiritual or “spirit-filled” man who has a full, genuine relationship with God and The Carnal or “person of the flesh” man, who has a feigned or divided relationship with God (see 1st Corinthians 2:14-16 and 3:1-4). Pastor Osei reminded members that they belong to either one of the last two groups and that if one finds themselves in the latter “carnal – person of the flesh,” group that they should repent, pray and seek after the infilling of the Holy Spirit to bring about the revival and transformation that is needed. “We are not to look at what group other members find themselves in but are advised to rather mind our own business by taking a good look at ourselves to determine if we are in right standing with God,” he admonished.

In his address on the concluding Sabbath (16th January 2021) Kwame Sarpong illustrated from the biblical account of Mary and Martha found in Luke 10:38-42 the importance of sitting at the feet of Jesus before standing before men. He said: “Like Martha, we can, through our business, become distracted by many things which cause us to lose sight of Jesus. Before we work for Jesus we must ensure we spend adequate time sitting at His feet as Mary did so when called to stand we do so empowered by the Holy Spirit as opposed to our own strength.”

The 10 Days was then concluded with a half night of prayer led by leaders within all London areas. Many testimonies of praise and thanksgiving were shared for answered prayers as well the promise that, while the church continues to pray together in one accord, God will send an outpouring of His Holy Spirit to bring the transformation and healing desperately needed within our nation.