Plymouth's Adventurer and Pathfinder Club Finally has Investiture!

Plymouth's Adventurer and Pathfinder Club Finally has Investiture!

Finally, Plymouth church was given permission to open its doors on 5 September, so Club Directors and Counsellors quickly sprang into action to organise an investiture for Sabbath afternoon, 17 October

It has been a tough year for everyone, young and old have been affected by the restrictions of Covid-19. In March 2020, a large group were ready to be invested into the Adventurer and Pathfinder Club, 'Anchored in Christ', in the Plymouth Area 1. However, with sadness the church closed its doors the Sabbath before the investiture was due to take place.

Though Plymouth has had a club for a few years, we had many new faces ready to experience their first investiture and receive their scarves, sash and a few awards/honours they had worked on from January.

Finally, Plymouth church was given permission to open its doors on 5 September, so Club Directors and Counsellors quickly sprang into action to organise an investiture for Sabbath afternoon, 17 October. Adventurers had been set the task of completing 2 awards a week from the BUC e-awards programme over the school summer holiday. A portfolio of workbooks was given to each child and one young Adventurer, Annette, took the challenge to heart and with pride presented her work having completed all awards and requirements. Pathfinders were also given Summer e-Honour workbooks to complete the Friend Class, this time via the interactive Zoom sessions.

With the church beautifully decorated the day came and with excitement everyone gathered on Sabbath afternoon. Children from the church, school and community attended with their parents; all temperatures were checked and each one was socially distanced whilst wearing face masks. Other church members and parents joined on Zoom in support.

The investiture commenced with Pathfinders; Suely, Faith and Felipe marching the flags to the front followed by a welcome from Pastor Deyvid Batista and myself. Next Faith recited the Pathfinder pledge and Felipe, the Pathfinder law. Diana and Ianna stood for the Adventurers and flawlessly recited the law and pledge. We were also blessed with special items; Faith beautifully recited Psalms 23 and Felipe accompanied his sister Talita on the piano whilst she sang 'Side by Side', which is Fletewood School's theme song.

Area Coordinator, Pam Catchpole, travelled down for the afternoon to oversee and she spoke on the topic 'Things happen in their own time'. After young Adventurer, Elinka, read a short scripture reading, Pam in her message likened life to a tree in different seasons. In winter the tree appears dead, in spring it's coming to life, in summer it's thriving but in autumn the tree appears to be dying again. She emphasised that today we may feel frustrated and stagnant in a season of winter; in this time of pandemic lockdowns, but we must always remember that God is in control and there is a season for everything.

The church is blessed to share its premises in Plymouth city centre with Adventist Primary School, Fletewood. Several of the children were invested from the school by teachers Mrs Grey and Mrs Cooper as they shared a 'bubble' with their students. Other Adventurers and Pathfinders were invested by family members with the help of AC Pam and club staff. Headteacher, Mrs Grey, also voiced her support and emphasised the positive influence the 'Anchored in Christ' Club has in bringing the school and church together.

In total 14 Adventurers and 6 Pathfinders were invested and the club is already beginning to work towards their next investiture day. Both Adventurers, Pathfinders, parents and counsellors were blessed and encouraged by the afternoon's events and everyone left feeling inspired.

We would like to thank everyone for showing their support in these difficult times and in particular, Area Coordinator Pam Catchpole, Mrs Grey and Mrs Cooper for their continued support. The club of course could not function without the enthusiastic support of its Directors and Counsellors; and Adventurer Club Director, Gracie, who tirelessly organised and provided for the many children in our Adventurer Club.

We want to encourage all Adventurer and Pathfinder Clubs across the country to continue to be creative, work with the Covid-19 guidelines and to continue investitures. It may be more difficult at this time and as usual will require lots of dedication, but we will persevere in God's name 'for we are the Adventurers and Pathfinders strong!'

More photographs can be found on the Plymouth church website: