Irish Mission to Pioneer New Giving App

IMPr Dan Serb

In the last couple of months, a team from the Irish Mission have been working together with a team of developers from South Africa on producing a 'giving' app and website which would facilitate the return of tithes and contributions to local church offerings and projects during a time such as this (and not only). These days, more and more people embrace technology in various aspects of life and the Church should not lag behind.

Above is a first promotional video of this soon-to-be-launched pilot project. The video is meant to introduce the concept to both the Irish Mission constituency and the larger Church community. A test run of the product will begin within the next few days and, once the app is finalised, it could be shared with other organisations within the BUC and beyond.

This project forms part of the Irish Mission leadership’s commitment to provide the Church with adequate and efficient means for ministry in order to fulfil the Great Commission.