Why Stanborough School?

Why Stanborough School?

Milimo Mumbo

Why would any parent choose to send their child to a private or fee paying or independent school when the United Kingdom has thousands of outstanding state schools that that do not charge school fees? 

There are several reasons that parents could give, however, the best responses will come from their children. Parents are willing to make huge sacrifices to ensure that their children get a good education.

What is the response to this sacrifice? In today’s edition, we look at it from the child’s perspective. What has been the experience of Stanborough School pupils?

"When I first joined Stanborough School, I was nervous. However, the other students were kind and welcoming, so I quickly warmed up. The learning environment is very nurturing and loving, with the students in higher classes being great examples and giving us the opportunity to share a laugh with them." Nicole O. Year 8 in September 2020

"I really like Stanborough Secondary school because it is a Christian school. To be precise, it is a Seventh-day Adventist school with a family atmosphere. It also has a friendly ethos with an emphasis on body, mind and spirit. God is at the centre of everything we do. We pray in every lesson and during assembly. The small class sizes ensure better learning and teaching, which makes you feel like you are the only student who has the teacher’s full attention, even though they can be strict at times! The headteacher and the teachers are so dedicated that we did not miss school during the Covid-19 pandemic as we were having google classes. I recommend this school to everyone." – Daniella.  Year 8 in September 2020

"My name is Nathan and I am 13 years of age, which means I am currently in Year 8, moving to Year 9. I started attending Stanborough school in 2019 January 8th. Stanborough School has provided me with stability, not only educationally, but spiritually as well. The spiritual aspect of Stanborough allows us to focus on our spiritual lives and relationship with God. The school also offers us a good standard of education, which is taught by amazing teachers who are always willing to help with anything we need. Because of this, Stanborough has a good family aspect. Since we are a small school, we become closer to each other in many different ways. If you are on the school field, in the cafeteria. or even in the classrooms, you will never feel alone. This is the reason why I came to Stanborough. I will gladly take this time to invite you to this amazing school where you can take part in this life changing experience, with Stanborough and I, by your side.  I hope to see you soon."

"Stanborough School has teachers who work extremely hard to create a positive environment where we as students are inspired to learn. We have amazing interactive classes and our headteacher is always trying to get our opinions on how the school can improve. I look forward to having my lunch at the cafeteria every day, because on each day, a different healthy meal is served. I like all the extra curriculum activities that the school offers at the end of each school day."  Lincoln O. Year 10 in September, 2020

"My experience at Stanborough has been amazing to say the least. I really enjoy the family aspect that come as a perk of having small classes. All the teachers have a personal connection with you and make it their personal duty to make sure you achieve the best grades possible. Coming from a public school myself, I can testify that the change is not one you will regret. So, having said all this, I hope to see you on campus. God bless." Andrew M. Year 11 September 2020

Stanborough School situated on the beautiful serene Stanborough Park provides a wonderful environment for learning. We invite applications for enrolment for September 2020. Please contact the school on