Robin's Live Streaming Praise and Worship Reaches those in Lockdown

Robin's Live Streaming Praise and Worship Reaches those in Lockdown

Mike Beamish

Our son Robin (now 21) has been interested in music from a very young age. Sometime around 2014, his worship piano playing was beginning to be noticed by others. A couple of family friends suggested that if he were to record a CD, they would buy it. Around about the same time, the South England Conference was inviting applications for grants towards arts projects. We, as parents, applied suggesting that Robin might like to make recordings and sell CDs in aid of charities such as ADRA. We also asked for advice as to how to go about this, as we had no experience.

We were amazed to receive a grant substantially more than expected with the proviso of keeping SEC updated of progress. As we received no advice, we found, on the recommendation of a friend, a local recording studio, which we duly visited. This turned out not to be the kind of route Robin was comfortable taking. In time, Robin started to research and purchase recording equipment himself, spending time experimenting with it, initially making small individual recordings.

Fast forward to 2020, the Corona Virus situation, combined with moving to a place of his own, has spurred Robin on to use his equipment for the benefit of others by live streaming worship music programmes from his own home each Sabbath afternoon via YouTube. He has also been able to record music for use in local church services on Zoom.

If you would like to find out about what Robin has been streaming on his YouTube channel, please follow this link:

We give God thanks for the grant from the SEC to provide the sound equipment, an inheritance from Robin’s late grandfather which enabled him to purchase photographic equipment used in the streaming and good Christian landlords without whose generous rent rates this might not have been possible. Unquestionably we thank God for the wonderful musical gifts that He has blessed Robin with and pray that he may continue to use them for God’s glory.