All-Night Prayer Held at Stanborough School

All-Night Prayer Held at Stanborough School

Much prayer, praise in hymns, testimonies, exhortations and sermonettes took place at the all-night prayer organised by South England Conference (SEC) Prayer Co-ordinator Linda Mukwada Nyamhunga, in conjunction with Stanborough Secondary School Parents and Teachers Association. The event was held on Saturday 22 February from 21:30 to 05:00 hrs at Stanborough School with an emphasis of praying for success of the school, salvation of pupils and all children and youth.

In our midst were parents from both the primary and the secondary school, staff, individuals from as far as Nottingham, Milton Keynes, Slough and parts of London. There were also several speakers including Pastor Simba Muhau, Clarence Jackson, Samuel Semakula, Brenda Edwards and Linda Mukwada Nyamhunga.

Samuel spoke on John 11 stressing that God is able to deliver and heal us today. He reminded us that God is not limited by our ifs and buts and God is beyond our limitations. He also informed us that for every problem we have, God has a thousand different ways to answer them.

Simba gave a sermonette derived from Luke 17:11-19 stating that, faith that pleases Jesus is faith that has the audacity to call on Jesus for help, call on the Lord alone and trusts Jesus in the absence of evidence, taking Him at His word.

Clarence's sermonette comprised Luke 8 from verse 40. He brought to light the fact that when Jairus had issues, he found help in God and so should we. Mr Jackson also reassured us that God knows how to deal with our issues, be it family, work, mental health and finances, He can help us and will continue to help us with our issues.

Sister Brenda Edwards' humorous, thought provoking discourse highlighted that God answers every prayer, however we cannot get answers to prayers if we regard iniquity in our hearts and refuse to confess to those we have wronged. She reiterated that we cannot receive answers to our prayers where there is gossiping, tale bearing, resisting the condition of sin, dishonesty in dealings, being prejudice and possessing a revengeful spirit. Sister Edwards further admonished us to live right in God's eyes.

Finally, Linda  encouraged all attendees revealing that, it is only the Lord who can go before us and make crooked places straight, it is only the Lord who opened the Red Sea and provided manna in the wilderness that can help us, and can step into our situation and work it out.

In closing, a final prayer session was held and fervent prayer was offered. The event ended with light refreshments being served during fellowship. May God be praised for such a sacred night in His presence.