Adventist Vegan Cook & Author Helps BBC's Songs of Praise go Vegan

Adventist Vegan Cook & Author Helps BBC's Songs of Praise go Vegan

'Kirly-Sue' cooking vegan food with Songs of Praise presenter Aled Jones.

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Millions of viewers of the long-running BBC series tuning-in on Sunday 1 March 2020 will see Susanne Kirlew aka 'Kirly-Sue' cooking vegan food with presenter Aled Jones.

The well-known author, vegan cook, and presenter will be speaking to Aled about her vegan cooking and how her faith as a Seventh-day Adventist has played a part in her healthy food choices.

"I am so excited," said Susanne, "it's an amazing opportunity for veganism to be discussed on a mainstream TV show. Almost everyone has heard of veganism now. But far too few people know what exactly a vegan does and does not eat.  It's a real privilege to be appearing on this iconic BBC programme. I made vegan cupcakes and was able to get one of the models (8-year-old Abigail Adams) who appears in the promotional photos for my vegan cookbook for kids, to try the cupcakes on the show. I absolutely loved being on the show. Hopefully I'll get another phone call to appear on it again soon."

Songs of Praise features inspiring hymns and songs, together with stories of faith from around the UK and beyond.

Tune in to BBC1 on Sunday, 1 March at 13:15 pm GMT.

The programme can be viewed here after 1 March.

For more about Susanne, see her website here.

She can also be contacted by email