'Go Scotland' Evangelism Symposium

'Go Scotland' Evangelism Symposium

GlasgowRory Mendez

'Bridging the Gap Between the Real and the Ideal' was the theme for the third Scottish Mission ‘Go Scotland’ Evangelism Symposium, held 22-24 November. It intended to inspire a missional posture among members across the Mission, which conforms to Jesus’ method in reconciling the world to God. At the heart of the programme was the repositioning of the concept of discipleship to its mission oriented function - that discipleship comes before baptism.

The weekend was a show of God’s power and ability to unite the thoughts of speakers who never met each other, or discussed their respective presentations. Attendees were left in awe as speakers connected with each others presentations from what was clearly their own pre-planned and prepared presentations. Dr Mario Phillip, Dr Brighton Kavaloh, Dr Kirk Thomas, Dr Paul Tompkins, Pr Adriana Fodor, Pr Njabulo Ndlovu, Elder Devon Searchwell & Pr Rory Mendez presented in the 13yrs and above category, while Pr Ivana Mendez, Mary Sichalwe and Bello Ndlovu presented to the 4-12yrs children. The whole weekend for both groups was punctuated by informative, transformational and inspirational insights as all participants, young and old, were reminded that we are all God’s instruments to grow Scotland.

'Go Scotland' epitomised the non-departmental ethos of the personal ministries and church growth thrust, as members representing churches from all across Scotland were reminded of the need for a united front in fulfilling our biblical mandate to make disciples here in Scotland.

Beverley Anderson, one of the music leaders for the weekend, summarised the symposium: 

"Go Scotland was truly a wake up call and one of the most impactful training events I have attended in the Scottish Mission. I went with an open mind and left empowered. Delegates were challenged to do more to help Grow Scotland. I now feel more inspired and equipped to play my part, starting in my own backyard. Being informed about looming laws which will soon be implemented in Scotland, was a profound eye opener for me. Receiving such insightful information and the churches view gave us the guidance and tools we need to respond responsibly without prejudice, and in a spirit of love. Am I ready to grow Scotland? This is the real challenging question we all must personally face. Learning that this mighty task can be so much easier to accomplish when we all work together as a united front, was very heart warming. I’m excited about seeing the harvest from carefully planted seeds in the next 6 months, just in time for the next Go Scotland 2020 event. Would I encourage others to attend the next Go Scotland event? Absolutely YES ☺”

Hope to see you June 2020. 

A Gallery of this event can be seen here.