Earthquake Interrupts BUC Delegation and Attendees at the TED Treasury Advisory

Earthquake Interrupts BUC Delegation and Attendees at the TED Treasury Advisory

Earl Ramharacksingh, BUC Treasurer

After a short flight delay the treasury teams from across the British Union Conference (BUC) territory came together to join the other treasury teams from across the Trans-European Division (TED). Representing the BUC field were the treasury personnel from offices of the British Union, South England, North England, Stanborough Press and the two Stanborough Schools.

TED Treasurer, Nenad Jepuranovic welcomed all the treasury teams at the start of a most interesting and informative few days of induction, orientation and resourcing of the treasury teams.

Keynote speaker, General Conference Treasurer, Dr Juan Prestol-Puesan gave a charge and a challenge to all the attendees. He was ably supported by Karnik Doukmetzian, GC legal counsel, who gave us an insight into the Seventh-day Adventist Church structure and processes and how to avoid litigation.

The second morning the delegates were rudely awakened to the sound and swaying of a category 6.8 earthquake that hit Albania, but was felt all the way there in Montenegro. Many delegates rushed outside only to be reassured by hotel staff. 

Each morning before the main treasury matters, Dr Daniel Duda, TED Field Secretary, gave excellent thought-provoking devotions to set the tone for each day. There was an absolute stellar array of financial World Church leaders presenting topics such as technical accounting, fraud, stewardship, conflicts of interest, making financial reporting real and meaningful to all stakeholders, crisis management and IT security in the modern world.

Former BUC Treasurer, Victor Pilmoor charged the delegation to focus more on the giving experience and our relationship to God. Then as a result the costs of life will find their place in the business and spiritual journey for our various organisations.

BUC Treasurer, Earl Ramharacksingh charged the delegation to support, envision and motivate our thousands of voluntary local church treasurers who work tirelessly each week in the local church finances.

The whole programme was ably knitted together by Mack Tennyson, TED Associate Treasurer and the programme allowed time to meet with the many experts who provided support and guidance when called upon. The treasury teams also enjoyed the opportunity to meet with their counterparts from the far-flung regions of the TED territory.

We thank the TED treasurer for providing an insightful and engaging programme.