Let’s Talk About Jesus

Jemima Nambo

This October, women from across the North England Conference (NEC) gathered at voco St John's Solihull hotel with one objective: 'Let's Talk About Jesus'. This was the theme for the annual Women's Ministries Retreat, the speaker of which was Pastor Elizabeth Talbot, PhD, the President of the Jesus 101 Biblical Institute.

During the weekend, Pr. Talbot spoke on the importance of not missing the core of our message, Jesus Christ. Sometimes, focus may be placed on our religious practices when our focus should instead be on Jesus, our reason for why we do what we do. She also reminded the attendees that the Bible is not a series of disconnected stories, but that all of Scripture points to the story of redemption. She went on to reinforce the importance of the cross, as without it our message is futile (1 Cor 15).

The retreat gave the women an opportunity to have pertinent discussions, study God’s word together, make use of counselling sessions, as well as enjoy a lovely evening banquet. It was a weekend rich in Christ-centred messages, fellowship and laughter. Attendees described the event as ‘spirit-filled’, ‘inspiring’ and left feeling ‘rejuvenated spiritually’, knowing that regardless of what they have been or will go through, Jesus wins!

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