Dundee Adds 5 More

The Dundee congregation grew by more than 10% in 2019.

Dundee Adds 5 More

In Dundee in 2019, the membership grew by more than 10% due to 12 baptisms and 1 other addition to the church.

DundeeJimmy Botha

"I am nervous, but I'll go first!!" The sentiment of Steve Kane, who was baptised first on the day. The oldest of the 5 who were baptised, lives in Dundee and found the church a few months prior to this baptism date. "I would like to be involved with the Pathfinders, what they do is already in my blood, and my granddaughter will benefit greatly from this", he continued to say enthusiastically. The two sisters, Charity and Laura Kanyongo took special care to make it a high day for their family, as their other sister and parents were well involved with their experience. Gillian Dlakama and Melville Mitchell also had their close family and friends present as they stood in the water, listening to song, poem and music. The congregation in Dundee sang and praised God for the high day. 

At the end of 2018, the leadership in the Dundee church discussed a plan to help individuals who might want to be baptised. Mr. Geoffrey Aori became part of this drive and organised the baptismal class that then ran and is still ongoing. This initiative is growing and Geoffrey and other leaders in the church are all actively taking part in teaching and managing the group. Two dates were set for 2019 for baptisms, and the planning for 2020 is to also have two dates ready. The members are praying for these events to be succesful, and for God to provide the church with individuals who will have the same experience in baptism. The church is excitingly awaiting 2020 and there is a high spirit in the congregation.

In the Scottish Mission, the contribution by the Dundee congregation was highest in 2019 for church growth. It is the prayer and plan for the members of this church, to keep working hard at holding this church in a place for changing the layout of the membership of the membership in Scotland.

A picture gallery of this event can be viewed here.