UK Adventist Asians Meet in Watford

UK Adventist Asians Meet in Watford

With smiles matching the sunshine outside, all gathered in the school chapel

Asian Adventists from across the UK converged on the Stanborough Park School grounds on Sabbath 14 September, for their yearly gathering.  Men in their suits, but ladies in their subtle but brightly coloured sarees made us believe that spring had come even before autumn ended!  Appropriately though, it was a day of Indian summer.

With smiles matching the sunshine outside, all gathered in the school chapel.  The Sabbath School programme was very ably organised by Dinesh Phasge with classes for different age groups.  Classes met in the open on the grounds taking advantage of the warm sunshine.

The speaker for the Divine Hour was Dr Vijayan Charles, a surgeon and philanthropist, who impressed upon us God's forgiveness.  Dr Eric Moser told the children's story telling us that with nurture, even the most damaged life can bear fruit.  Using photographs, he related how he used a splint to heal a broken plant.

There were many new faces among the crowd.  Many of the them were the recently recruited medical personnel from India. Many non-Adventist friends also joined us for the day, offering us a tremendous evangelistic opportunity. 

Raju and Stella provided us with their usual tasty culinary cooking and for lack of space in the cafeteria, many spilled over into the sunshine outside with their food enjoying the warmth of Asian fellowship and splendid food. 

We have two Asian gatherings planned in 2020, one in Manchester on 2 May, the other in Watford on 12 September.

For further details regarding the Manchester meeting, please contact John Varghese on 07522 769 961, and for the Watford meeting, please contact Pastor O P Chackochen on 07748 417 460.