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Women’s Dependence

GalashielsLineth Ndaazungira

The tranquil surroundings of Jean Muir Student Village, at the Heriot-Watt University in Galashiels, was the venue for a recent Scottish Mission Women’s Retreat. Attended by 42 ladies and 18 young people – including a few from England - the theme for the weekend was Daughters Of God- Be Still- And Know That I Am God. Referencing Psalms 46:10, it reflected on how women of all ages can depend on God throughout their lives.

Speakers included Mrs. Sinikiwe Makove from Zimbambwe and Pastor Sophia Peart from England, and Scottish Church members, Jessica Perea, Temitayo Odewusi and Sylvie Makanga.  Judith Martin gave a presentation about the Esther Institute of Excellence. Speaker-led workshops focussed on Train your brain to think postively, Improve your personal walk with God, Intergenerational relationships and health and wellbeing. The Youth programme included a range of topics and different activities, including a workshop about “Re-wiring your brain and knowing your personality and spiritual gifts”.

Early morning and evening prayer sessions were led by prayer warriors from various Scottish churches and prayer requests were displayed on prayer trees.

Scottish Women’s Ministries Sponsor, and organiser, Margaret Mukisa was assisted by Yvonne Blake and Lineth Ndadzungira from the Faifley and Dundee Churches. Margaret said afterwards, “This was a blessed weekend for women of all ages. The lessons learnt will change how we as women can work for God, individually and collectively, and stand for Him in every situation”.