School of Evangelism Graduation

School of Evangelism Graduation

School of Evangelism, Temi

George de Souza

There are so many graduations in the summer one might fail to notice a huge niche graduation ceremony of the school of Evangelism that took place on the 10th of August at the Reading West Seventh-day Church on Portman Road, Reading.

The event took place under the auspices of Area 5 region.

There was a record 27 graduands who studied from the following couses: Advanced preaching, Basic preaching, Family life, Conflict Resolution, Contemporary Theology Philosophy, Bible Prophecies:Revelation (Chapter 1-11)

Guest speakers at the function included Pastor Trevor Thomas; Reading area district pastor; Pastor George Dadey the area 5 coordinator, Pastor Michael Mbui, SEC Sabbath school and Personal Ministries director, June Thompson, area 5 women’s ministries coordinator and Pastor Andrew Davies who is pastor for Reading Central and Park side churches.

The following are feedbacks from four graduates of the school of evangelism this August.

“At the start I wondered how I could possibly add another course onto my busy schedule, but our creator is the author of time, He made it possible for us all to do what was required. I liked the morning presentation where we had a 5 minutes devotion, this set the day rolling. We became like real brothers and sisters, we all have developed immensely in our sermon delivery, As the advanced students, we also delivered presentation to those who had just joined, “what an experience”. Lunch was great too, it could easily be graded as what is served in a 5 star hotel, at least in my opinion. The manner in which the course was presented was so humorous,, that there was no room for boredom”.

(Tom Ondieki Reading West church)


“The course was an eye opener to me. Not only did it teach how to evangelise to God's people through the holy spirit leading but it also applied to my own day to day living. Many thanks to pastor Trevor Thomas who is committed in teaching us different types of approaches when sharing the love of Christ to His children. May glory and honour be unto our Lord Jesus And Saviour.Blessings”

Fleur Chimwadzimba (Reading Central Church)


“The lay preaching course has not only helped me to develop confidence in speaking to a large of people but helped me to relay God’s word without having to depend on reading from notes as per your average preacher.”

This method proved very effective as it really helps the preacher to understand that which he preaches about in 3 simple steps.

I recommend this course to everyone whether they intend to be preachers, presenters in general or would like to build confidence as a general life skill.”

(Alex Quaye Reading West Church )


“The course was very enlightening and is good even for the growth of the church . You learn ways of keeping and strengthening relationships. Strong families make strong, stable churches.”

(Angelina Mukwamataba, South Reading Church plant)