Irish Mission Camporee

Bogdan Stan Irish Mission junior youth director

The magnificent Newmarket on Fergus Seventh-day Adventist Grounds have been hosting Irish Mission Pathfinder and Adventurer Camporee every year in the first Bank Holiday of May.

In 2019, 7 clubs from the Mission (Newmarket, Longford Lyons, Galway, Cork Clovers, Ballinacrow, Dublin Dacians and Dublin Royals) gathered together and participated in an enjoyable camp organised by the Irish Mission.

British Union Conference Youth and Pathfinder director, Pastor Dejan Stojkovic, our main speaker, lifted the hearts of Adventurers and Pathfinders with the spiritual message while the activity team prepared the young and old by challenging the participants through life skills. Over 220 Pathfinders, instructors, Adventurers and parents were dynamically involved during the weekend being tested on different real-life skills and challenged also to unveil their knowledge of scripture.