Scotland Recognises Three Through Commissioning and Ordination

Jimmy Botha

"You don't have what it takes!" What? "You don't have what it takes!", was the message shared by British Union Conference (BUC) President, Pastor Ian Sweeney in his homily as he addressed three pastors in the Scottish Mission on the occasion of their commissioning and ordination. The whole congregation quickly realised that this statement is actually not untrue. So many examples can be quoted from the Bible, of individuals who never had what it took, and yet God made effective use of them.

So, on 6 October 2018 at the Scottish Mission Day of Fellowship in Crieff, the members of Scotland gave a voice to the ministry call of three of its pastors. Pastor Ivana Mendez, who was commissioned and Pastors Rory Mendez and Njabulo Ndlovu, who were ordained. Each pastor stood in front of a large congregation to accept the charge of ministry for Christ. Together with them on the platform was a host of colleagues from far and wide to witness their response to that charge.

Pastors Rory and Ivana work as a team in the west of Scotland in several churches. Visiting Scotland specifically to introduce them to the congregation, was BUC Evangelism director Pastor Kirk Thomas and South England Conference minister Pastor Wilfred Blake. Pastor Rory is also the sponsor for Evangelism and Personal Ministries in Scotland.

Coming all the way from St Albans and working as Ministerial Secretary in the Trans-European Division, was Pastor Patrick Johnson. Pastor Johnson took the time to introduce Pastor Njabulo Ndlovu to the congregation. Njabulo is pastor in the Aberdeen district, and he is also the sponsor for Pathfinders and Adventurers.

The annual Day of Fellowship was a true highlight in many ways. An estimated 400 people attended the event on what was a bright and sunny day which was filled with a variety of activities, ranging from a children's choir formed from all over Scotland and organised by the Children's Ministries leader, Ifeoma Victor-Igwe, to an investiture of three Master Guides for Scotland. The new Master Guides are Audrey Mutongi, Desire Sonder and Samu Ncube.

After the lunch break, the Parish Church in Crieff filled quickly again as members waited in anticipation for the commissioning and ordination service to commence. The stage was packed with BUC guests such as Pastor Eglan Brooks, Pastor John Surridge, Mr Earl Ramharacksingh and retired minister Pastor Victor Harewood.

Now Scotland has to wait another year for the next Day of Fellowship, and the question might be, how do you do better than this year? To answer that question is tough, because, after all, most of us don't have what it takes. But we know the Lord is on our side.