Runners Brave the Cold for ADRA Fun Run 2018

Richard Daly

It would have been so much easier to stay at home in a warm bed, but many runners came out to brave the cold to take part in this year's ADRA fun run. Held in the familiar site of Crystal Palace Park, over 100 people supported the annual event which was held on Sunday 29 April.

At these events there are always inspiring interest stories which runners are willing to share why they are raising funds. One lady was challenged to run the course carrying five pairs of shoes. The task being to change a pair of shoes after each "It's a new challenge for me," she said, "but if it helps me to raise the £300 for the challenge, I'm up for it", she remarked.

Two ladies from Croydon set out to run a full marathon of 26 miles. They were at the course way before everyone else had arrived and were still running when everyone had left. Their courage and determination were just a few of the emotionally inspired moments of the day.

Another included a lady with cerebral palsy, whom along with her friend 20180429_111332walked three laps. A task that took them several hours due to her mobility challenges. Yet her consistency paid off revealing an expression of joy and exhilaration at completion.

Amongst the runners was a non-Adventist from Welling, who together with her husband had raised £700 for ADRA. The stories and motives for running were all inspiring which made being present a rewarding experience. Whilst some ran the course, oeethers chose to walk, jog, cycle or scooter. Either way it was all done in an attitude of service and willingness to make sacrifices even if that sacrifice was to get up out of a warm bed on a cold Sunday morning.

Pastor Michael Mbui, South England Conference Personal Ministries and Sabbath School director who over saw the event said, "it's a joy to see people come out when they could be doing so many other things, I want to personally thank everyone who supported the aaday and raising funds for ADRA."

Cathy Boldeau representing ADRA staff, led by example in doing several laps of the course. She said, "I'm happy to see so many people turn out, including a good number of non-Adventists, this shows that ADRA is an organisation that reaches all groups of people who share in our humanitarian work, so I'm very happy today."