The Irish Mission – Growing Stronger

Mission President, Pastor Dan Serb, is clear about the church he serves. His report to the Session describes a church that is "colourful, dynamic, and ever active," listing choirs, Pathfinders, Bible study groups, youth projects, family...

Newbold's Week of Spiritual Emphasis ‒ Men and Women Just Like Us

The former head of Newbold's Department of Theology provided down-to-earth talks each evening.

Death of Len Eastwood

We were saddened to learn of the death of Len Eastwood on 19 September 2019. Len was born on 1 December 1943 in Chelmsford, Essex. On 26 March 1968 Len married Patricia Jean Palmer and their union brought about three children:...

Church Delivers Mental Health Training to Local Community Groups

Mental health challenges were analysed at the Stanborough Centre as individuals were trained in their response to mental distress.

Handling Power in Leadership ‒ Pastoral Team Meeting

Ministry is a place where you see various power dynamics and power can be used well and badly.

Chill in a Field Returns to Pride Rock

Worship at Chill in a Field is quite different from other events. Sitting around in a cosy circle of sofas, beanbags and cushions surrounded by soft lighting and house plants brings a real sense of community and friendship

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