SDA Generation X ministries presents: Come What May | Black History Month

SDA Generation X ministries presents: Come What May | Black History Month

An evening of teaching, testimonies and worship from SDA Generation X.

29 October 2021 Online Event, United Kingdom


29 October 2021 07:30 PM
South England
Free places
SDA Generation X Ministries


Every October in the UK, organisations and schools acknowledge the contributions of the black narrative to our society. This month, we want to add the Christian perspective to our story, to our history.

Over the last 18 months alone, we've witnessed the continuing injustices and murders of black people - and it's not just in America. 

Remember when three young black footballers missed penalties in the Euro 2020 final, and the abuse they received? 

Born to immigrants, Generation X-ers have, and continue, to have a unique experience of inequality in education, health, employment and housing in the UK. But how do and should we deal with these issues as Christians? 

Come what may, black people will continue to push through the pain of the past, the illogical mistreatment and the suffocation by having knees on their necks. 

We can't breathe!

You are invited to join SDA Generation X ministries for an evening of teaching, testimonies and worship. "Come What May" will take place on Friday, 29 October at 7.30pm. You can join the service across various YouTube channels, including SEC Media, and our very own YouTube Channel - search "SDA Generation X".


SDA Generation X is a community of believers that desire to restore and revive faith for Gen Xers (typically comprising individuals born between 1965 and 1980) but each and every programme has something for everyone! This event is a continuation of ongoing virtual programmes and events.

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