Hood Lessons Mens Event #002

Hood Lessons Mens Event #002

21 March 2020 London, United Kingdom


21 March 2020 06:00 PM
21 March 2020 08:30 PM
Men, Youth
South England
Free places


The Hood Lessons project is geared toward the betterment of younger and older men. This program is comprised of four pillars: childhood, brotherhood, manhood, and fatherhood.

The objective is to equip our men with tools to improve their family and social relationships.

The healing process cannot start unless we face our pain.

For anyone struggling with an addiction of any sort, the question isn’t why the addiction but why the pain?

We want to shift the focus from what we do? To “why” we do.

The Pain place is a secret dwelling internally we resort to as a result of our current affliction.

We naturally seek a way out when something terrible happens especially when it keeps on happening.

We often seek alternative behaviour to take us out of our present turmoil, even if just for a moment.

The one thing our pain place doesn’t tell us is that it starts with pain, and ends with pain.

This pain place is also known as our addictions, to society the place responsible for our demise but to us, our safe haven, our secret steal away from life’s problems. 

At the event, we will cover 

  1. Why You Need To Deal With Trauma
  2. How To Overcome Addictions
  3. Practical Steps you can take to Come Out of Addictive Behaviour Into Freedom


Your Speakers 

Andrew Fuller - International Speaker & Coach

Laith Wallace - International Speaker & Coach



Jermaine Wong 

Michael Dantzie 


Laith Wallace

Registration was possible until 21/03/2020!


Advent Centre
Crawford Place
W1H 5JE, London
United Kingdom

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