Women's Ministries

Welcome to the BUC World of Women’s Ministries. Over the last five years this department has developed into an effective office of the Church. A majority of churches now elect a Women’s Ministries leader but not everyone is aware of the scope of topics with which this department deals, therefore this newsletter lists a number of resources available from the BUC. They will also be displayed at the workshops.

Women's Ministries in the Church Manual (Word document)

"Powerpoint explaining about the six issues of women's ministries."

The Single Issue (Word document)


Women Ministry Scottish Mission Training

Women’s Ministries Special Days

Women's Ministries Day of Prayer -March
Women’s Ministries Emphasis Day- June
Abuse Prevention Resources - September

Visit the General Conference Women’s Ministries webpage; then click on ‘Special Days’ for access to the relevant material.

MOSAIC -- NEWSLETTER from General Conference Women's Ministries department.

Women of Virtue Programme

Women of Virtue video
Photo gallery

Women’s and Men’s Healing and Empowerment Prayer Line

Prayer Helpline - Powerpoint Presentation

Prayer Manual


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Find other resources available by logging onto the General Conference Women’s Ministries website:


Sharon Platt-McDonald - interview with an SDA bookshop in Australia

Sharon Platt-McDonald - Resources To Buy


Sharon Platt-Mcdonald

Sharon Platt-Mcdonald

Director Adventist Community Services, Health & Women Ministries


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