On the 24th of August 1906, the Seventh-day Adventist Union Ltd was incorporated. Twenty seven years later, it had a name change and became British Advent Missions Ltd (10 March 1933) and further down the line on 29th March 1976, had another name change—and became the Seventh-day Adventist Association Ltd. And finally, a subsidiary company was formed—the Seventh-day Adventist Trust Company Ltd on 28 June 1982. Seventh-day Adventist Association Ltd is a registered charity, Seventh-day Adventist Trust Company Ltd is not.

The Seventh-day Adventist Association Ltd (SDAA Ltd) holds title to most of the church properties within the British Union. So when a church or school is purchased or sold, it is done in the name of SDAA Ltd. When we rent out part of a church to another group, the Lease is in the name of SDAA Ltd. The Association is instrumental in arranging for a number of our properties to be rented out to organisations within the community on a part-time basis.

SDAA Ltd has been able to assist in the building or purchase of a number of churches via Bank loans. Among those who have benefited are: Balham, Clapton, Hounslow, Lewisham, Pendeford, Stanborough Park, Stratford, Wembley , Woodgreen and Yardley, Some of these have completed the repayment of their loans—others are just starting. Without exception, the repayments are being made on time.

Seventh-day Adventist Trust Company Ltd has an altogether different role. It was formed to administer the estates of those members who wish the Trust Company to act as Executor and Trustee. It uses the good offices of a firm of solicitors in the West Midlands to ensure that all is done in a very professional manner. Every year the company successfully completes the administration of several estates of deceased members. One thing that has not changed is the important role that legacies have in assisting the church in its operations. In passing, the Trust Services Department of the church offers a will-making service to its members. The Trust Company does not. The Trust Company administers estates.

Both SDAA and SDAT are here to serve the membership of the church. If you feel that either can be of service to you or to your church, please feel free to write, phone or e-mail.