Sabbath School


The events of our world are happening fast and furious, so much so, we can hardly keep up with the news – and then there is fake news as well.  Amidst the various disasters and rescues, we see the steady hand of God giving us signs that His coming is even closer than we expect.  In the middle of death, suffering and pain we still see generous flashes of God’s mercy, love, concern and faithfulness towards His created race.  He will not leave us nor forsake us.  Once a week at Sabbath School time the members, visitors and loved ones of our Church have the glorious privilege of studying the Bible in their classes.  Since Sabbath School is the most discipling department of our Church, it needs to be done properly.

The Sabbath School provides the opportunity for Church members locally and internationally to meet and study God's Word. It provides a sense of fellowship and community. In fact there are often more Sabbath School participants than there are church members as the study time is a good preparation for new believers to make decisions for baptism and church membership.

One of the main functions of the Sabbath School is to provide a mission emphasis that reaches out into the wider world. Special projects are selected by the international Church to be the beneficiaries of funds that will allow development of hospitals, colleges and evangelistic centres that will help people where the need is greatest and also forward the work of the Church.

Participating in mission outreach enables the individual to have the knowledge that he or she is part of a world-wide family and can make a contribution to the lives of others. Regular reporting of mission projects helps to keep the spirit of mission alive. Sabbath School is also a good opportunity for members to get to know each other well.

Discussion highlights needs within the group that others can respond to so that the whole group grows spiritually, thus producing more mature Christians who can speak with confidence about their faith.

For many people, Sabbath School is the high point of their Sabbath observance and has been aptly named the "heart of the Church".


Dissertation on Mark 8:27 to 10:52, authored by Conrad Vine. An 83 page academic paper which may be helpful to some in connection with the Sabbath School lesson studies on Mark. This document is in Adobe Acrobat pdf format and is about 400 Kb in size.

Mission Spotlight Videos. Many more churches are using these videos for their mission presentation and appeal. The price has been held down to £20.00 for the year (4 videos with 3 presentations on each). If your church is in the Irish, Scottish or Welsh Mission you can order your videos directly from the BUC. Cheques should be made payable to the British Union Conference and sent to:

Mission Spotlight Videos
British Union Conference
Stanborough Park
Herts WD25 9JZ

Churches in the North or South England Conference should apply to their Conference Sabbath School department and make their cheques payable to the appropriate Conference.


Adult Bible Study Guide - Sabbath School lessons and resources from the General Conference

Sabbath School Net - Lots of resources including the current lesson on-line

Online Mission's Appeal - from the General Conference Sabbath School web-site.

Sabbath School University - Streamed video discussion of the latest Sabbath School lesson from the Hope Channel

BUC Children's Ministries Department

Adventist Mission. Get the latest mission stories including podcasts and downloads for use in the Sabbath School Mission spot