Religious Liberty

Seventh-day Adventists are people who love freedom.

Freedom of choice underlines our relationship with God and with our fellow human beings. For Seventh-day Adventists freedom of religion is biblically mandated and we understand that God forces no one to worship Him. As created beings we are endowed with dignity and a freedom of choice. The gospels establish the important principle that every human being has the right to relate to God according to the dictates of their conscience. No one can decide for you or me. Christ expects us to give Him our heart out of our own choice.

As a Church we are concerned about promoting and protecting the religious freedoms not only of ourselves, but others too. We see it is our God given duty to protect and fight for the religious freedoms of others. Indeed, Religious Liberty concerns have been on the Church's agenda since we were organised.

On several Church levels,  we study and monitor the religious liberty situation of today both home and abroad. We have become involved in discussions about legislative matters resulting in us being vocal, and lobbying on the behalf of religious liberty around the world. Such is our concern, that Religious liberty activities is a departmental service of the Church whose voice is heard at the United Nations and other international and national bodies.

We support the work of  various international religious liberty associations and Seventh-day Adventist experts serve as advisors to various legislators across the globe.

Learning about Religious Freedom and why the Adventist Church believes it is so important, with PARL director, Dr John Graz.

Sabbath afternoon panel discussion chaired by Pastor Audrey Anderson, Executive Secretary, Trans-European Division of Seventh-day Adventists.

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Eglan Brooks

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