Starting in the Church

The Church Board and Pastor select a Prayer Ministry Coordinator who is to:

  • Ask God to identify people to form a support prayer group.
  • Start praying with this group about forming a team.
  • Envision the ministry recognising God’s leading (1 Cor 12:9).
  • Prepare a one sentence mission statement, eg “Our mission is to involve every member in finding out how prayer can be an integral part of their Christian growth.”
  • Outline the goals and how to fulfil them, eg for the above mission statement:
    • teach members the ABC of prayer
    • form prayer groups or partners
    • work with the children and youth department in developing their own prayer ministry
  • Share the vision of how the ministry can succeed with the Pastor and Church Board – present to them the budget requirements as well as the goals and strategy.
  • Prepare the congregation for the launch of this ministry through sermons, church bulletins and announcements, sharing resources, testimonies of answered prayer, etc.
  • Form a job description for the prayer ministry team members.
  • Learn from others involved in their church’s prayer ministry.
  • Attend prayer conferences and training programmes.
  • Invite the Conference/Mission/Union prayer coordinators to run prayer emphasis days and a weekend prayer conference.
  • Be aware of church events, eg evangelism that needs extra prayer support.
  • Set up a network for receiving prayer requests.
  • Evaluate regularly how this ministry is progressing so new needs can be addressed.
  • Publicly praise and thank God for all His marvellous acts.