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Health Show

Enhancing Health
Sustaining Faith through Illness

Healthy Delights

- The Cooking Show for optimum Living
- The Cooking Show for optimum Living on YouTube

CHIP (Complete Health Improvement Programme)

Watch a September 2009 progress report on CHIP in the UK with the originator of the Coronary Health Improvement Project, Dr Hans Diehl, Clinical Professor of Preventative Medicine, Loma Linda University

The Bury, Lancs, CHIP programme. We talk with Rose Gomez, Coordinator for the most sucessful CHIP programme in 2009.

Watch a short video interview on the benifits of CHIP Coronary Heatlth Improvement Project.

Organ Donation

ViewPoint on Organ Donation. (A 28 minute discussion programme that aired on Hope Channel & Revelation TV)

Community Health Outreach

Vitality Show Adventists made a stand for wholistic well-being