Older Person’s Health Strategy

Older Person’s Health Strategy

Addressing the health needs of older members in our church and community, the BUC Health Ministries Older Persons Strategy seeks to raise awareness about age related wellbeing and the support of older people.

The strategy has developed presentations and associated materials to enhance the emotional, physical, spiritual and social health needs of older members in our church and the community. Some specifics of the Strategy related Holistic wellbeing include:

  • Emotional – The delivery of workshops on Alzheimer’s and dementia, appropriate exercise and food for brain health, preparing for and dealing with retirement, befriending isolated members and individuals in the community
  • Physical – Promoting and delivering health screening, mobility enhancing exercise, nutritional advice, workshops on general health specifically targeted for older adults
  • Spiritual – Encouraging the inclusion of older adults in the programmes of the church, nurturing spiritual wellbeing, providing relevant evangelistic and support programs for
  • Social – Providing robust visitation programs, advising on relevant age related benefits, supporting and planning social activities for older adults

These four aspects of wellbeing have been augmented with the provision of training materials. Since the inception of this Strategy the Health Director has conducted training events and seminars to upskill the membership.

Older Adults Advocacy Programme

A development of this Strategy has included the instalment the Older Adults Advocacy Programme to train advocates to lead in supporting older adults in these four essential aspects of wellness. This was launched at the Brixton SDA church where they have had an active Older Person’s club for many years and have demonstrated good initiatives in supporting the emotional, physical, spiritual and social wellbeing of their older members.

A Needs Assessment document has been formulated to guide health leaders and supporters of older person’s care to deliver support to vulnerable older adults. This can be accessed via the BUC Health Ministries department.

Relevant resources developed by and available from the BUC Health Ministries Department are:

  • Golden Tips for those Golden Years (available from Stanborough Press)
  • The Little Book of Health for Seniors (also available from the Stanborough Press)
  • A leaflet titled: Embracing Age