Mental Wellness Strategy

Mental Wellness Strategy

Realising the complexities around mental wellbeing, the British Union Conference Health Ministries department has taken decisive action in order to raise awareness amongst the membership. This has included a recognition of the stigma and ignorance that still exists around mental health and taking steps to address these challenges.

A key part of the strategy is the production of a handbook for each church in the British Isles titled: ‘Mental Wellness Handbook – Supporting Churches In Raising Mental Health Awareness and Encouraging Emotional Healing and Wellbeing’. This document is now available on the BUC website at and accessed via the webpage of the Health Ministries department and via the following link:


The aims of the manual are to:

  • Highlight some key aspects of mental wellbeing and the factors that impact it
  • Provide insightinto how improved mental health awareness can enhance greater understanding and support for individuals with mental health challenges
  • Assist churches to better embrace individuals with mental health challenges and assimilate them into the church family
  • Encourage the church to be more sensitive in its outreach and provision of services that are accessible to all
  • Undertaking workshops to enable learning aboutthe mind/body/spirit connection and how it relates to general wellbeing

Other resources available as part of the Mental Wellness Strategy is:

  • Books: A Sound Mind;Brain Health – How to Handle Your Head;Healing Hearts; Restoring Minds The A-Z of Emotional Wellbeing and Stressed? How toHandle the Pressure which are available through the Stanborough Press.
  • Emotional Resilience packs
  • Greeting cards of Hope & Healing for various life seasons
  • A range of Affirmation cards for the support, encouragement and affirmation of individuals