Child Health Strategy

Child Health Strategy

The development of age related health materials, training initiatives and programmes to address the wellbeing needs of our children both in the church and community is the main focus of this Strategy. This is our most recent strategy and currently still under development.

Key aspect of this initiative include:

  • Creating interactive training material to assist children in learning about health
  • Encouraging children and youth to make informed choices about their health through awareness of how their daily life activities impacts wellebing
  • Equipping children and youth with appropriate materials to tools to make better health choices
  • Addressing the obesity epidemic in the UK by providing relevant training in this area
  • Responding to the obesity crisis in children and youth by informing on appropriate levels of age related exercise and how to engage children in this as well as identifying the foods that negatively impact weight
  • The provision of a holistic health package that addresses the emotional, physical, spiritual, relational and educational wellbeing of children

Aiming to achieve the above segments of the strategy the health director engaged in the following:

  • Child Health Expo training for parents, churches and children
  • Collaborative working with Family Life and Children’s Ministries department on health issues relating to children
  • School taster days & nutrition education for schools
  • Undertaking presentations on health in school assemblies
  • The production of the Little Book of Health for Children and Teens and its dissemination in schools
  • Providing Family and Children’s Ministries directors with health related materials for children