Application of Health Strategies

Application of Health Strategies

These 5 Strategic developments were set within the frame work of Reaching Up, Reaching Out, Reaching In and Reaching Across and achieved the following:

REACHING UP - Spiritual nurture and development

  • Faith and Mental Wellbeing workshops as part of the Mental Wellness Strategy
  • Spiritual health focused programmes and materials such as Forgiveness as Healing
  • ‘How Healthy is Your Church?’ workshop (taking the spiritual temperature of church life)
  • Facilitating a Prayer Network for individuals who are sick
  • Supporting the MOHAP (Ministry Of Healing & Prayer) annual programmes

REACHING OUT – Mission focussed programmes and evangelistic outreach

  • One key initiative in this term of office was the establishment of Centres of Hope, Health and Healing as an evangelistic outreach method.
  • Delivering Mental Wellness seminars cross denominationally including other faith groups
  • Participation in Health Evangelism programmes
  • Nutrition & Culinary Skills training for community members
  • Delivering Health Expos in a community setting
  • Fitness training for the community
  • Lifestyle Intervention programme seminars such as CELEBRATIONS, CREATION Health, & NEWSTART

REACHING IN – Membership training and development of leaders

  • Speaker for Health Ministries Days / health weekends / health events in UK & Ireland
  • Training on the development of Centres of Hope, Health and Healing
  • Health Ministries resources pack for Health Ministries leaders
  • Sponsorship of Fitness Evangelism events and physical fitness resources for church and community events
  • Community Cooking Hubs training for Health Ministries leaders and church members
  • Awareness training for Health Ministries leaders on Organ Donation / Sickle Cell & Thalassaemia
  • Training pack / Resources and workshops on Emotional Wellness including the Emotional Resilience  Guide for Daily Life, for Men, for Women and Older Adults

REACHING ACROSS – Whole church connectivity, engagement and support

  • Providing materials for the BUC wide health Impact day April 18th 2015 in churches across the BUC
  • Training and assisting church readiness to become Centres of Hope, Health and Healing
  • The donation of £1000 to the first 2 churches Gloucester SDA church (SEC) and Nottingham Central (NEC) who launched as Centres of Hope, Health and Healing
  • Sponsoring the development of the Cuisle Centre of Influence under the management of Irish Mission Health Sponsor Edith Samambwa with a donation of £1000
  • Sponsorship of the Newbold Certificate in Health & Wellness by donating £10,000 in 2014 and £10,000 in 2015 to support BUC applicants in accessing the course

  • Youth Health series delivered via Encounter Magazine presenting on the following:

Mental Health; Emotional wellbeing and resilience; Healthy Social Relationships; Food and Health, Exercise and Health, Pursuing Excellence, G.O.A.L.S for wellbeing

  • School Assembly health presentations e.g. Stanborough Secondary School Health Week
  • Utilizing clinical expertise by incorporating Health professionals in the delivery of training at health conferences such as the BUC Cancer Symposium



Dr Tstortsi (GP); Angelette Muller (Nutirion Consultant) & Dr Chidi (Lifestyle specialist) presenting at the BUC Cancer Symposium

Fulfilling the department’s vision ten objectives were set and accomplished as follows:

  1. Co-ordinated Health Ministries in the British Union

Raise health awareness amongst the membership through training, sermons and health presentations across the British Isles. This was achieved by:

  • Regular communique to Health Ministries leaders on national health related issues, GC health guidelines and developments within the BUC health ministers department
  • Facilitating annual training events in relation to the BUC health ministries mission
  • Delivering 175 sermons ( July 2011 – December 2015 including overseas appointments)
  • Delivering 182 health presentations (July 2011 – December 2015 including overseas appointments)
  • Training ministers on health outreach for their churches as part of Mission To the Cities training on community engagement pre, during and post the outreach initiative
  • Presenting on health issues at worker’s meeting and pastoral events
  • Cross departmental training on health at conferences, retreats and programmes run by other departments such as women ministries (15 events) and personal ministries (5 events)

To engage the membership in the development of the vision and mission of the BUC Health Ministries Department through regular communication via church publications. This was achieved by the Health Director contributing to the following publications:

  • Messenger health page – Enhancing Health Editorial106 editorial submissions (July 2011 – December 2015)
  • Focus magazine – regular health contributor 10 articles submitted (July 2011 – December 2015)
  • Encounter magazine – health contributor – 18 articles submitted (July 2011 – December 2015)

  1. Encouraging health reform amongst the membership

Encourage the promotion of biblical and inspired teaching on health principles including health evangelism.  The health director undertook the following:

  • Presenting at Health Ministries days across the BUC
  • Presenting on health at evangelistic campaigns across the BUC
  • Teaching aspects of health evangelism on BUC Medical Missionary courses
  • Development and dissemination of a Wholistic Program Worksheet entitled Restoration which incorporates emotional, physical, spiritual and social health
  • Supporting the Fitness Evangelism initiatives across the BUC
  • Sponsorship of fitness event, marathons, Fit for Life, walking initiatives across the BUC
  • Nutrition training via conferences, workshops and food demonstrations

  1. Development of health programs within church and community settings

Delivering health in-reach programs on specific topics relevant to local congregations;    disseminate information on running health focused evangelistic programmes; health screening advice and procurement of health equipment; involvement with community health fairs and expos.

This was achieved by the health director leading on the following initiatives:

  • Launch of Centres of Hope, Health and Healing in the SEC (Gloucester SDA church) and NEC (Nottingham Central SDA church)
  • Produced an on line video health series entitled  Enhancing Health for the Hope Chanel
  • Encouraged launch of Healthy Supper clubs
  • Co trainer for Nutrition course - Community Health & Culinary Education certificate to train Health Ministry leaders
  • Establishment of BUC wide Health Expo training for health leaders and lay members
  • Skills training for Health Ministries leaders and members wishing to run Health Expos
  • Delivering Health Expos and access to screening for community settings

Health Expos – Health screening / massage/ health consultation/ health presentations


  1. Synergy and whole systems approach to health ministries within local areas

This was evident through the health director work as follows:

  • Production of a Health Ministries Manual for Churches
  • Production of a Special Needs Manual to enable our churches and services to be accessible to all
  • Development of the C.A.R.E Network (Compassionate Action for the Restoration and Encouragement of individuals. This is a support outreach initiative which offers the following: a) prayer support, b) relevant resources c) referral information of to support groups and organisations

  1. Raised profile of Adventist Health message in the public domain

The engagement of the SDA church on national health related initiatives has been highly appraised by the Department of Health (D.O.H) The BUC Health Ministries Department has been invited to work in partnership with the D.O.H on culture and faith related national health projects. Subsequently a number of the joint NHS and SDA church pilot programmes have been published in key NHS & Parliamentary documents.

Networking continues with other health associations and government agencies on national projects to introduce our message of health and wholeness to the public through our health programs.

The health director achieved the following in the past 5 years:

  • Ongoing work with The Department of Health (D.O.H) to liaise with them on health initiates to promote the inclusion of faith and cultural aspects of wellbeing and encourage compliance with health intervention amongst hard to reach groups

  • Partnership working continues with the following organisations:

  1. National BAME Transplant Alliance
  2. Organ Donation Taskforce & Organ Donation Campaign
  3. NHS Blood and Transplant National Blood Service (NHSBT)
  4.  NHS Sickle Cell and Thalasseamia Screening Programme
  5. National Cancer Action Team

  • Invited by The Voice newspaper to contribute health features including an article for Vegetarian Week in the Voice Supplement
  • Invited as a regular health contributor to Keep The Faith a national non-denominational faith magazine
  • Encouraged health leaders to participate in national annual health events through the dissemination of the NHS health events calendar
  • Exhibitor at National Christian Resources Exhibition promoting BUC Health Ministries resources

  • Invited speaker at NHS conferences in the UK
  • House of Commons attendance at Faith & Organ Donation development initiatives and report on SDA work in this area
  • Planning team member for the NHS National Blood Donor day
  • Participated in and reported on the Adventist presence at the annual Vitality Show

The Health Director participated in the following media projects and programmes:

  • 4 Overcoming Emotional Baggage conference videos  (annual events 2012-2015)
  • Bermuda SDA Radio interview
  • In conversation Hope Channel televised interview
  • Premier radio Woman to Woman Show on emotional health issues impacting women
  • Revelation TV – She Matters Show - 3 appearances
  • View Point – Hope Channel show
  • House of Commons launch of Organ Donation and Faith project - filmed event

National Publications

  • Contributor to the NHSBT (National health Service Blood Transfusion) Christianity & Organ donation leaflet
  • Contributor to Faith and Organ Donation research project reports
  • Contributor to publication - Training for Multi-Ethnic Communities – Religion, Culture & Organ Donation

  1. Development of a health focus for church schools

The Health Director led on the following initiatives for the development of health programmes for schools:

  • Assemblies on health
  • Consultation with church schools on health initiatives
  • School Health Awareness programs and presentations
  • Taster days
  • Health consultation to schools in the UK

  1. Development of youth focus in health related church and community programmes

This was achieved through:

  • Publication of the book Body Beautiful- A Concise book of health for teens
  • Production of a mental wellbeing assessment tool for teens
  • Production of a ‘How to recognise mental illness in teens’ document
  • Liaison with Youth Departments to develop health programs relating to young people

  • Production of a leaflet entitled: Supporting Young people

  1. Development of networking for Adventist health professionals and their participation in local and national programmes

This was realised by:

  • Formulation of a database of health professionals both for networking amongst health professionals and as a resource for local churches
  • Encouragement of health professionals to link with relevant health bodies and assist in Community Health projects either as volunteers or paid workers
  • Supporting the development of AMEN (Adventist Medical and Evangelism Network)

  1. New & updated department resources

The departmental goal of producing new material to cover topical issues and areas of key health interest was met through the production of various age range and gender specific resources.


Inline images 6

The Health Ministries Department has produced a suite of 17 books on health authored by the incumbent Health Director. The first five in the list below are the books published in this quinqunnium:

  • Cancer – Facts, Faith & Formulas
  • Golden Tips for those Golden Years                                            
  • The Healing Power of Forgiveness
  • Eco Health – Healthy Living in a Safe Environment
  • A Sound Mind – Thinking your way to Vibrant Health
  • Stressed? How to Handle the Pressure
  • Healing Hearts, Restoring Minds; the A-Z of Emotional Wellbeing (edition 1 & 2)
  • The Little Book of Health for Seniors
  • The Little Book of health for Men
  • The Little Book of Health for Women
  • The Little Book of Health for Children and Teens
  • Brain Health – How to Handle Your Head
  • His & Hers – The Little Book of Intimacy
  • Body beautiful – A Concise Book of Health for Teens
  • Body Clock – How Do You Tick?
  • God’s Word as Therapy

Other resources produced by the BUC Health Ministries department in this term of office include the following:

  • Greeting cards of Hope and Healing
  • Posters - Emotional Resilience for Daily Life, Emotional Resilience for Men, Emotional Resilience for Women and Emotional Resilience for Older Adults
  • Leaflet - Reflections for Times of Illness and Pain
  • A range of 8 health focus bookmarks

  1. Development of a robust program of Health Education and Training

To engage Health Directors and sponsors in relevant training and undertake workshops/seminars for the awareness of church and community members and the development of Health Ministries leaders.

This was achieved by undertaking the following:

  • A one day Cancer Symposium for Health Ministries leaders and lay members training and sharing resources on lifestyle choices, cancer incidence and disease management
  • Assisting the development of cancer support groups as an outcome of the symposium
  • Nutrition Conference x 2 and development of resources for churches
  • Emotional health awareness training x 14
  • Emotional Resilience workshops x 40
  • Depression Awareness and management seminars x 15
  • Natural solutions to pain management presentations x7
  • Awareness training for Health Ministries leaders on Organ Donation / Sickle Cell & Thalassaemia x 5
  • Training weekend for Health Ministries leaders on Win Wellness Homes of Health & Hope programme
  • Stress management presentations x 15
  • Sessions on recognising burnout x 14
  • Nutrition and wellbeing series x 20
  • Life balance presentations x 16
  • Mind, Soul Body – What’s the Connection workshop x 10
  • Mental Health First Aid training x 5

Cancer Symposium - Professor Paul Gyles Cancer Researcher / food demo on cancer resilience /symposium attendees