Family Ministries


Seventh-day Adventist Family Ministries seeks to facilitate the development of stronger and healthier families and churches. Through the agency of well-trained pastors and lay leaders, we aim to teach our membership and reach out to our relatives and neighbors with information on key processes that help develop strong and healthy family relations. The purpose of this course is to provide a platform for family life education. While this is not a certified course, it will not only equip participants to support families but it will also serve as a effective mechanism for personal growth.

The Family Ministries Leadership Training comprises ten modules covering:

  • Moduale 1 - Effective Family Ministry in the Local Church
  • Module 2 - Biblical Foundations for Family Ministry
  • Module 3 - Human Growth & Development
  • Module 4 - Understanding the Family as a System
  • Module 5 - Spiritual Parenting
  • Module 6 - Sex and Sexuality Education
  • Module 7 - Strengthening Marriage
  • Module 8 - Emotionally Intelligent Communication
  • Module 9 - Conflict Management
  • Module 10 - Your Family as a Centre for Evangelism

On successfully completing the course, graduates will receive a Certificate in Family Ministry Leadership. 


TED Family Ministries Leadership Training

FMLT is a short introductory course for family ministries leaders, pastors, and lay people who are interested in furthering their knowledge about families and relationships.  Click on the image to download the entire PDF book for free.

Family Ministries Curriculum for Local Church Leaders Online Training

This free certification course is designed to equip local church leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead out in Family Ministries in their churches and communities. This course covers the same material as above, but allows students to work at their own pace. It requires learners to watch videos, read Family Ministries: A Training Program for Local Church Leaders, take quizzes, and perform independent study assignments.

All learning activities are specifically designed to equip local church leaders with the information and skills they need to strengthen families in their churches and communities. The course is facilitated by the NAD Family Ministries Department. Visit the Adventist Learning Community website for more details.

DMin Family Ministry Concentration (Andrews University)

Changing the people who change the world, the Doctor of Ministry (DMin) Family Ministry Concentration prepares men and women to fulfill the teaching and discipling mandates of the gospel commission as they impact families positively for the Kingdom.

The DMin Family Ministry Concentration prepares an individual for a proactive ministry of preaching, teaching, and working with groups to develop the positive family and relationship skills needed in today's culture. It is designed to promote pastoral excellence by attending to the (1) pastor's personal life, (2) the pastor's own family, (3) families in the congregation, and (4) the congregation as a family. Visit the Andrews University website.

Cornerstone Counselling Service (CCS)

In partnership with Barnabas Counselling Training, Cornerstone Counselling Service is offering a Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills course. This will be based in Bristol from 16th July 2017 - 20th May 2018. The course is accredited by the Counselling & Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body (CPCAB). Click on the attached documents for more information.

Cornerstone will shortly be offering a Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Skills course, which will be based in London. Details to follow.

Prepare Enrich

Prepare-Enrich is the world’s leading tool for supporting couples in pre-marriage preparation, enriching marriage, or reviewing and improving co-parenting by helping couples take stock of their strengths and growth areas. Facilitators, once trained, can help couples develop skills which are key to any relationship and to communicate better on important topics.

Anyone who wishes to help couples to improve their relationship can benefit from using these thoroughly researched and demonstrably effective inventories. Pr Les Ackie is an authorised trainer for Prepare Enrich facilitators. Find out more at Prepare Enrich UK

Deep Release

Founded in 1994 with a basis of Christian faith and spirituality by Dr Chris & Pauline Andrew, Deep Release offers some of the most innovative and exciting counselling training courses currently available in the UK. They train counsellors in the use of many different creative approaches. Deep Release places strong emphasis on research, particularly in the areas of neuroscience, body work and trauma. A high priority is given to continuous professional development. Visit the Deep Release website for course details.

Positive Parenting

Care for the Family's Positive Parenting training will equip facilitators to deliver these popular and accessible parenting courses; supporting parents, and helping them to build strong and secure relationships with their children. For more information visit the Care for the Family website. 

The Association of Christian Counsellors (ACC)

ACC is the only Christian UK-wide counselling organisation holding an Accredited Register with the Professional Standards Authority. ACC:

  • Promotes excellence in practice and standards in counselling and training
  • Provides briefings, guidance and representation on any potential statutory developments that could affect the provision of counselling or pastoral care
  • Offers advice, support and resources
  • Provides high-quality, affordable training,
  • Supports the work of Pastoral Care UK.

Visit the ACC website to explore training opportunities